She Thought it Was a Kidney Stone but it Was….Baby Number Four! This Georgia Woman’s Amazing Hospital Visit

She Thought it Was a Kidney Stone but it Was….Baby Number Four! This Georgia Woman’s Amazing Hospital Visit

It sounds completely implausible, but it looks like it’s true: Stephanie Jaegers from Locust Grove, Georgia, never knew she was pregnant. And so when the mother of three boys visited the hospital with stomach pain, thinking she had a kidney stone, you can imagine her shock when the doctor asked about her pregnancy.

Well, it wasn’t actually shock at first, but annoyance. Perhaps Jaegers thought the doctor felt she looked pregnant, and so he asked. How rude! She knew she couldn’t possibly be pregnant because she was on her period.

Little did Jaegers know, she was the one who was wrong and the doctor was right. It wasn’t kidney stones that she had in her abdomin, but a baby who was about to be born.


Jaegers never had a large, protruding belly during this pregnancy- her fourth- because, as it turns out, her son, Shaun Jude Jaeger, had been tucked up under one of her ribs the whole time, double over in half.

Michael Jaegers, Stephanie’s partner, admits that it’s hard to believe how they never caught onto the fact that Jaeger was pregnant. In his defence, he insists his wife had no traditional symptoms.

In an interview with CNN, the overwhelmed father stated, “We’ve been called stupid and dumb and ignorant, but until it happens to you, you can’t really grasp it. She (his wife) knows the symptoms; she knows the signs. There were zero. It was a miracle,” he added.


According to reports, the baby’s mother had complained of a lot of bloating in the last few months, but had been told that she was premenopausal.

The now-mother-of-four had been told it was unlikely she would conceive any more children.

Because of this, Stephanie had begun selling all her baby things, thinking that the infant period in her family’s life was over.

Thankfully the sentimental mom did save a few outfits for a baby boy. Mother’s intuition?

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