Sunproof Clothing: What You Should Look For

Sunproof Clothing: What You Should Look For

Want to ditch your sunscreen? Look for a tight weave and dark colors.

It may not sound sexy but sunproof clothing works. If you’re hoping to avoid slathering on sunscreen daily, it can be a great option. Sunproof clothing can protect you from damaging UV rays and keep you skin-cancer-free.

What do those in the know advise you look for? The more you cover, the better. Go for long- long sleeves, long pants, big collars, you name it. And when it comes to choosing the best fabric, think Indiana Jones. Wasn’t he always wearing some long-sleeved, button-down khaki shirt? Ok, so it was open at the front to show off his chest, but other than that, this is the kind of thing you want.

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Lightly woven fabrics will give you some sun protection, but they won’t do the whole deal. Go for a tight weave. Twill, tweed or denim all offer this advantage, even if they aren’t the coolest coverings.

Synthetic fibers such as polyester, lycra, nylon, and acrylic can also help you out. How about color? Go for darker shades, or bright ones.

You can also keep your eye out for clothing that sports a UPF label. This stands for ultraviolet protection factor. Just like sunscreen, a high rating means a higher rate of protection. You don’t need to have clothing with this rating, but it won’t hurt if ultimate protection is what you’re seeking.

And then, enjoy your day outside! Don’t forget your sunglasses, water and hat.

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