How to safely exercise at home with online resources

How to safely exercise at home with online resources

Now that we’re home for the majority of our time, staying active has become more important.

But without the gym or your fellow workout companions to motivate you or ensure you’re doing things right, it isn’t as easy exercising consistently. Many of us have shifted to online resources, like streaming classes, to fill the void.

Be mindful of these tips to ensure you’re getting the most from your home workouts, and doing them safely to boot.

Check the credentials of your online instructor

While many “fitness influencers” may look fit and be engaging and dynamic leaders, they sometimes don’t have the educational background to lead safe and appropriate workouts.

Be sure to check their credentials. They should have a certification from a respected organization.

Find workouts appropriate to your fitness level


Your instructor should make the program easier or more challenging, depending on your fitness level. Proper form is essential in minimizing risk of injury and maximizing positive training outcomes and ongoing participation.

An appropriate warm-up and cool-down are vital, too, as is a stretching component at the end of a workout. If a video or class doesn’t include these elements, then you should be wary.

Start slow, be consistent

Exercising too much or too hard can lead to overuse injuries, and that’s one of the more common workout derailments for people. Rest and recovery are just as important as the actual exercise.

When it comes to strength training – which should be part of everyone’s routine – proper form and planned progressions are essential aspects of safety. Finally, listen to your body, especially if you’re feeling especially exhausted.

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Evaluate your exercise space

Make sure your exercise area is clear of any obstructions or tripping hazards, and has sufficient room for the activity you are about to perform.

For example, a yoga session will probably need considerably less space than a step-training class or dance-based workout. A designated workout area is ideal, but not required – just be sure to check your surroundings before each session.

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