Do You Need More Sorghum in Your Diet?

Do You Need More Sorghum in Your Diet?

Before we tell you why you should consider adding sorghum to your diet, we should probably tell you exactly what it is, because we know you haven’t heard of it before.

Sorghum is a cereal grain that’s covertly one of the top five cereal crops in the world. It’s a healthy grain indigenous to Africa, where it’s grown for hundreds of years.

Why do we recommend this not-so-new grain? Sorghum is:

sorghum-nutrition-health-recipe-ideasVersatile – Sorghum is a seamless substitute for rice, quinoa, and pasta. It’s widely available in grocery stores, in both whole and pearled forms, as a flour, syrup, bran, flakes, or even products similar to popcorn. You can really get creative with its applications, making it suited for any meal or snack.

Nutritious – The nutrient-dense grain has a wealth of health benefits; it provides protein, vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus and fiber, all of which help various parts and systems of your body. It’s especially advantageous to digestive and cardiovascular systems and their functions.

Gluten-Free – If you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, sorghum is a safe alternative grain to use. Be sure to read any food labels, however; some manufacturers mix a variety of ingredients with sorghum, which may not be gluten-free.

Easy to Use – Whether you need a tasty side dish or the foundation of a meal, sorghum delivers. The go-to grain easily cooks over stovetop, in the oven, in a slow cooker or rice cooker. Sorghum can even be frozen and reheated, without losing its distinct flavour.

Antioxidant-Rich – Some types of sorghum are abundant in antioxidants. Research shows it can help lower risks of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and some neurological diseases.

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How You Can Quickly Add Sorghum to Your Diet

  • Sprinkle sorghum grain on your favourite salad.
  • For a crunchy snack similar to popcorn, sorghum can be popped just like it.
  • Since it’s soup season, you can make yours more nutrient-dense with the addition of sorghum!

And if you really want to enjoy sorghum as the main star of the meal, give this homemade trail mix recipe a try!


Popped Sorghum Trail Mix

Recipe courtesy Valerie Agyeman –

Serves 4


  • ¼ cup sorghum
  • ¼ cup coconut shreds
  • ¼ cup dark chocolate chips
  • 3 tablespoons hemp seeds
  • ¼ cup walnuts


  1. To pop sorghum: Heat a pot with a tight-fitting lid over medium high heat. When hot, add sorghum and cover with lid.
  2. Cook, shaking the pot often, until sorghum begins to pop. Remove from heat when there is more than 10 seconds between pops.
  3. Combine all ingredients. Pack in airtight container or sealable plastic bag. The trail mix will keep for up to two weeks.

Photo Credit: Sayanjo65/; GreenTree/

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