Lactalis Baby Formula Recalled Globally in Europe, Asia and Africa

Lactalis Baby Formula Recalled Globally in Europe, Asia and Africa

A global recall has happened on hundreds of baby milk products.

If you feed your child baby formula and you may travel soon, this is important news.

Recently, the French producer of Lactalis Milk issued a global recall on their products. There’s a fear that the company’s formula could contain salmonella poisoning. As a result, recalls have happened on the product in Britain, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sudan.

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It marks the second time this month that health regulators have put the brakes on Lactalis products. The first recall was limited and this one is now widespread as it’s reported officials didn’t feel the company took adequate steps to eliminate and contain the risk the first time around.

What brands are involved? Hundreds of baby milk powder products have been pulled in the global recall, including goods under the Milumel, Picot and Celi labels.

The recalls have been made after 26 infants fell sick in early December after consuming milk sold by the mega-dairy producer.

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Where is it coming from? Lactalis feels the salmonella poisoning is originating in a tower in northwest France. The location is part of its factory, and a place the company uses to store and dry out their milk powder.

For infants, salmonella can be particularly dangerous as babies can become dangerously dehydrated quickly, due to their small size.

The symptoms of salmonella poisoning, which comes from farm animals, includes everything from diarrhea and abdominal cramping to nausea, vomiting and fever.

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