The Milkie’s Milk-Saver: Does It Really Work?

The Milkie’s Milk-Saver: Does It Really Work?

When a new baby arrives, anything that can make life easier is welcome.

From free pampers, to soup from the neighbors and baby clothes galore from friends, coworkers and family, every little bit counts.

And that’s exactly what the inventors of the Milkies Milk-Saver seemed to have in mind. The Milk- Saver is an invention that helps you save every last drop of breast milk, if you’re breastfeeding.

While you nurse on one side, your Milkies rubber pouch attaches onto the other breast by slipping in your bra and catching any milk that may be leaking out.

It’s an award-winning product, with recognition from numerous sources. But does it really work?

Here’s the deal. I’ve tried one and speak from experience.

I’ve used nipple shields, breast pumps, nursing t-shirts and donut pillows. The Milk Saver is definitely another potentially very useful breastfeeding product. I say potentially because here’s the catch: it’s something that moms who leak a lot of milk will benefit from. If you don’t leak, however, you likely won’t need one.

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Why? You’ll have no milk to collect. Breastfeeding can be an unexpectedly complex task, with problems that are seemingly as numerous as the women participating in the activity.

So, if you soak your shirt on one side with voluptuous mom-dairy when you feed your child on the other, this product is for you. In fact, the Milk Saver can collect up to 2 ounces (!) of dripping, leaking milk.

On the other hand, if you’re engorged but that milk stays under lock and key without a powerful suck to draw it out, or if you feel you produce the minimum amount of milk required and nothing more, your Milkies product will remain high and dry.

Some added comments: a few women have reported that the product is too big to sit discreetly under their shirt in public. To that I say, let’s face it: nursing is never really discreet, is it? Always acceptable in my books, but never entirely unnoticeable.

What’s another bump.

And some moms absolutely love their Milkies. Women have reported in reviews that this product works wonders for them.

They can save time and resources by storing the excess milk in the freezer for another time, or in the fridge.

To check out the product for yourself and see what you think, click here and here.

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