If You Drink A Few Times a Week You’re Less Likely to Develop Diabetes: Study

If You Drink A Few Times a Week You’re Less Likely to Develop Diabetes: Study

For some reason, moderate alcohol consumption actually lowers your risk of struggling with blood sugar levels.

Here’s another reason to buy a bottle of wine: I know, you didn’t need one but nonetheless!

A new study out of Denmark has found that drinking alcohol in moderate amounts can lower your risk of developing diabetes.

It’s true that drinking alcohol has actually been labeled as a risk factor that raises your chances of developing diabetes, in the past. Women, for example, who consume more than one alcoholic drink every day have a whopping 83% greater chance of developing diabetes when compared with females who hardly ever drink at all.

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When it comes to a moderate amounts of drinking though, there’s good news.

In this most recent study, it was found that those individuals who drink wine, spirits or beer 3 to 4 days a week actually have a reduced risk of developing diabetes.

Here are the facts. Specifically, men who consumed 14 drinks per week over 3 or 4 days were found to have a 43% lower risk of developing diabetes.  Women who consumed 9 drinks a week over 3 to 4 days had an almost 60% lower risk.

Scientists aren’t entirely sure why consuming some alcohol is good for your body. They suspect it might be due to the way the polyphenols found in wine help to regulate your blood sugar, but it’s not conclusive.

Regardless, grab a glass and drink up- sometimes, off and on, and in moderation. It seems to be doing some good.

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