5 Best Healthy (but delicious, we promise) Super Bowl Snacks

5 Best Healthy (but delicious, we promise) Super Bowl Snacks

Twists on old favorites that use lower-fat ingredients and alternatives like fruit platters will lighten your spread this Sunday, while keeping all the taste.

Sunday’s big game is almost upon us. Super Bowl LII,  (52) features the Philadelphia Eagles vs the New England Patriots at 6:30 pm EST February 4th, 2018, and it’s time to plan those munchies!

Maybe you’re hosting the gang at your place. Or, perhaps you’re hunkering down to watch it all on your own or simply with some close family nearby.

No matter what the situation, celebrating with food you love at your side is a must. Packing on the calories doesn’t have to be, though.

These 5 Super Bowl snacks come recommended as dishes full of flavor, your crowd will love. Hey, they won’t even realize you’re doing them a favor by providing vital nutrients while cutting calories and keeping that pleasure-filled taste.

Check it out these 5 recipes for a guaranteed touchdown:

1) Heart-Healthy Drop Kick Idaho Potato Dip

Low fat dips, fruit trays and alternatives make for healthy Super Bowl platters.

I was asked to plug this dip from Idaho potatoes, I’ll be upfront. And at first, I was a bit skeptical: aren’t potatoes something you place in a dip, not the dip itself? I know, weird.

I do happen to absolutely love potatoes. Sometimes too much, sour cream and onion chips, yes, you’re a best friend in bad times and good. But this dip might not have been my thing.

First of all, it’s being called a ‘hummus’, (see the details in the instructions). But it’s not. A true hummus is made from a chickpea base, and it involves things like Tahini, olive oil and lemon juice. And this doesn’t.

This dip is somewhat of an imposter, you could say-harsh but that’s it. It uses a base of potato flakes and, truth be told, not everyone loves the Mediterranean flare that comes freely with a big bowl of hummus.

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But here it is: the positive. I checked it out. I tried it. Looove this dip. It really is unexpectedly delicious. The potato flakes provide an interesting twist on a traditional recipe, and the mixture of lime juice, garlic and cumin gives it that small zesty kick.

I can safely say that you’d definitely be indulging your guests with this on Sunday, if you serve it. Whip it up quickly and serve it with crackers, chips, bread and veggies.

Want some health facts? It doesn’t hurt that one medium-size potato has more fiber in it than an apple, almost twice as much potassium as a banana, and 45% of your daily value of Vitamin C, among other benefits. Perfect fit, health fans.

2) Lightened Up Slow Cooker Chicken Buffalo Dip

When traditions roll around, having tried and true favorites on hand is comforting. This recipe from the Food Network provides you with the chicken buffalo dip they expect, but with fewer calories.

It DOES have blue cheese, cream cheese, butter milk and (low-fat) cheddar cheese in it though, so it’s not a fat-free snack by any means. You don’t want to be eating cups and cups of this.

The recipe does, however, use the lower-fat versions of many of these items and your guests will be none the wiser that you’re doing their arteries a favor as they graze.

3) Healthy Baked Potato Skins

Low fat dips, fruit trays and alternatives make for healthy Super Bowl platters.

This recipe for potato skins also provides a lower-fat version of an old favorite.

With the flavor blast of chives, garlic, turkey bacon and cheddar cheese, their mouths will be happy with eyes on the game!

4) Middle Eastern Potato Snack Platter

Low fat dips, fruit trays and alternatives make for healthy Super Bowl platters.

Why not mix it up with a healthy platter full of options? This snack plate can hold your own choice of delights. Potato wedges, pita bread, carrot sticks and cucumber dipped in cilantro Tahini sauce provide a healthy alternative in your spread.

5) Super Bowl Fruit Tray

Low fat dips, fruit trays and alternatives make for healthy Super Bowl platters.

According to online stats, last year fans ate 4,510 servings of strawberries during the Super Bowl but just 3,622 servings of guacamole. How do they track these things? It’s a mystery and I have no idea, but it does create an interesting picture.

So, this year, why not surprise your group and follow the trend, while they reap the rewards. Serve a platter full of fruit, and help your group fill up on vitamin C, vitamin K, anti-oxidants, as well as all that sweet, sweet fruity juice.

May the best team win.

Photo credits: Idaho Potato Commission; Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock.com

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