If Someone is Defensive, Does it Mean They’re Lying?

If Someone is Defensive, Does it Mean They’re Lying?

It could go either way, and your gut is probably telling you the answer.

You know the type: the teenager who insists he was simply “out late at the library” on Saturday night but seems drunk, the colleague who “knows nothing” about the new appointments at the company- “absolutely nothing”-, and that cousin who says they would never, ever try marijuana and in fact, they haven’t ever even seen the stuff, ever, in person, throughout their entire life.

They just put a little too much energy into it, and kind of seem like they have something to prove, right?

So, does this mean they’re actually lying to you?

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Often times, your gut instincts are correct. If you think something’s up, perhaps it is. According to Business Insider.com, if someone repeats their words and phrases over and over as they speak, and provides a bit too much information, it could be a sign that they aren’t being truthful.

Simply put, if the person seems to be over-explaining their situation and is angered by your questions, they could have something to hide.

On the other hand, experts are quick to point out that when someone is defensive, it isn’t always a sign that they’re lying. It could be that they feel very strongly that you should know the truth. They could sense your unease and wish that you truly believe them.

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