How to Cut Back on Caffeine

How to Cut Back on Caffeine

Take notes, realize it isn’t easy, and take things step-by-step for real change.

Coffee is an amazing energizer and tastes great. Drinking some of it every day is possibly even good for you. But according to statistics, Americans drink an average of 3 cups of java each day, which means that there are some people who don’t drink any caffeine at all, and others who are actually consuming far more than this.

If you’re drinking over 4 cups of caffeinated beverage a day, (up to 400 milligrams is thought to be healthy), experts say you’re taking things too far. (You’ll know you have a caffeine dependency if you suffer from caffeine migraines, restlessness, stomach upset, trouble sleeping at night and other common side effects).

For those hoping to cut back in 2019, here are some tips from the experts at the Mayo Clinic.

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As a first step, try keeping tabs on how much caffeine you’re actually consuming. Write down what you’re eating a drinking during the day, and read labels. You’re estimated amount is probably lower than what you’re actually consuming, so be on the lookout.

When you decide to make a change, cut your caffeine back gradually. Drink one fewer cups of coffee per day and let your body adjust on its own, over time. You’ll likely have more success, this way.

And go decaf and to keep the taste. Look for caffeine-free pain relief medication, and brew your tea for shorter periods of time, if you’re drinking it.

For more information, talk to a nutritionist and your doctor for help.

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