How Keeping Secrets is Hurting Your Health

How Keeping Secrets is Hurting Your Health

If you’re terrible at keeping a secret and tend to be a bit of a gossip, it actually may be beneficial to your health, new research suggests.

The act of keeping a secret could have a negative effect on your health, leading to physical or emotional stress and depleting you of your energy, according to a study by researchers at Columbia Business School in New York City.

For the study, researchers assessed people’s conversations as well as conducting different experiments to determine the participant’s judgement skills.

They found that nearly half of them men who were admitted that they passed on information within minutes of being told about it.  For the women, it was shown that they kept the information secret at least three and a half hours before they passed it on.

Having a secret preoccupies your mind and the longer it is kept the more resources you use whether it’s emotional, physical or otherwise. The strain on those resources can lead to negative effects on your health.

So while keeping a secret may keep away unwanted problems and truths, the real truth is you could be hurting for health by keeping it.

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