6 Ways to Donate to Better Health this Christmas

6 Ways to Donate to Better Health this Christmas

Numerous organizations can use your help this time of year, to keep people healthy at home and abroad.

It’s not the holiday season yet officially, but for many people the big day of giving is only a little over a month away. For most of us, it’s time to start shopping.

Of course, getting gifts for family and friends feels good and it always feels nice to receive.

Giving money to research and causes that could go on to help thousands of people goes that one step further in making a difference.

Not sure who you want to support this year? Here are 6 organizations that help people live healthier lives, every day.

1) Red Cross

The Red Cross is famous for helping in times of great need. This humanitarian organization operates in many countries worldwide including the U.S, providing emergency assistance, disaster relief and educational opportunities to the public.

In America, the Red Cross was established in Washington D.C in 1881 by a woman by the name of Clara Barton, and it thrives to this day as a popular charity of choice for many.

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An amazing 90% of the Red Cross workforce is comprised of volunteers. These hard working individuals who help collect blood donations, run the Home Fires campaign, assist in natural disaster relief and more.

2) Doctors Without Borders

Donating to health causes can help advance research.

If you’d like your dollar to reach international areas of conflict, Doctors Without Borders is a good choice.

This is an international humanitarian non-governmental organization that can be found offering medical assistance in war-torn areas and developing countries being hit with endemic diseases.

Medical doctors as well as psychiatrists and counselor assist those stuck in the midst of conflict to survive.

3) The American Heart Association

So many Americans are affected by diseases of the heart. The Heart Association is self-described as “the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke”. It funds innovative research and advocates for changes in the country that can improve the heart health of communities across the country.

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4) Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation

This foundation is dedicated to funding research to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. If you’d like your money to be at the forefront of Alzheimer’s research, this is a good bet. The foundation also provides the public with educational training, outreach programs, and memory screening tests.

5) John’s Hopkins University

America’s famous private research university has a wide variety of health-related projects on the go. Your donation can support a specific cause that’s close to your heart, or act as an unrestricted contribution that goes where it’s most needed.

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6) Meals on Wheels America

This organization exists across the country and helps to combat malnutrition and loneliness in the elderly. It’s the “oldest and largest national organization” of its kind in the U.S, operating with more than 2 million volunteers. Meals on Wheels delivers nutritious meals to seniors and provides friendly visits and safety checks to those who need it.

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