Here Are 4 Ways to Avoid Some of the Worst (But Easy to Get ) Eye Injuries

Here Are 4 Ways to Avoid Some of the Worst (But Easy to Get ) Eye Injuries

Simply rubbing them can get you in trouble, science says.

Your eyes are the window to your soul, or so some say. Keeping them healthy should be a top priority. Sometimes this can be hard though, if a busy life gets in the way, or your hanging out in an eye-dangerous environment.

Here are some tips on avoiding some of the worst eye injuries out there:

1) Don’t Sleep With Them!

No, we aren’t asking you to take your eyes out, but think twice about sleeping with your contacts on. It can be tempting if you’re oh-so-tired, but you’ll only regret it. You can contract a serious bacterial infection that could cause you to go blind if not treated immediately. Not worth it!

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2) Stay Back From That Spray

Common, household rust remover contains hydrofluoric acid and it can burn your eyes out. How strong is it? Experts say it can also dissolve glass, so there you go.

3) Don’t Shoot An Arrow While Drunk

So many people play darts in bars while drinking. Most of the time they do this without injury. But then there’s the one day someone gets it in the eye, and it’s all fun and games until that happens. The same goes for archery and beer.

4) Rethink Rubbing Them

Strange but true: rubbing your eyes could harm them. In fact, researchers say that rubbing them rarely helps, it only makes matters worse. It’s all that pressure being exerted on delicate stuff- better to add some lubricating eye drops and stay in the clear.

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