Is He a Good Boyfriend or Actually a Bully?

Is He a Good Boyfriend or Actually a Bully?

Scientists have found a link between domineering behavior in teens and how much sex they have.

Is your daughter’s boyfriend a nice guy, or is he actually a bit manipulative? Let’s be honest: you hope she’s caught a good one. The trouble is that we all know some guys, (and girls, for that matter), like to bully their way to the top. And when it comes to dating, it’s no different.

If it sounds like news to you, check this out. A new study led by Daniel Provenzano at the University of Windsor in Canada has found a definitive link between people who bully and those who have more sex.

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In their quest for truth, researchers recruited over 500 adolescents. Participants were asked to fill out questionnaires about their sex life and the number of sexual partners they had. They also answered questions about how often they bullied people.

Participants were asked questions around how often and how willing they were to co-operate with each other, and also if they ever exploited or antagonized their peers.

Humble Pie

Somewhat unsurprisingly, these were the results: adolescents who were less likely to be humble and honest were more likely to use bullying to chase after more sexual partners than the average teen.

Is there a silver lining? Sort of. The researchers involved in the study felt that simple biology was leading some young men astray.

Bullying was seen by some as a trait that’s evolved as a way for males to show their dominance and strength to others.

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It’s a signal some men use to indicate to the women present that they’re a good human to breed with. They’ll be able to protect their kids (and intimidate others), and in turn, provide for all their family’s needs. It’s all part of evolution.

Does this really excuse rude behavior, though? I guess it’s up to us women to remind the guys about the good. Compassion, empathy and being nice are even sexier traits…and that can get you even further.

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