Four Fashion Choices That Are Ruining Your Health

Four Fashion Choices That Are Ruining Your Health

We all know what generally affects our health: diets, exercise, and environment all play a role.

You can add fashion to that list, too.

Recent research is showing that what you wear can affect more than the public’s perception of you – it take a negative toll on your physical health as well.

So if you’re not one to pay attention to fashion trends (maybe you’re too cool for that), this may be the only time you want to be conscious of some certain clothing trends. These are four fashion faux pas – health wise – you should avoid, even if they affect ‘your style’.

Skinny Jeans

The dangers of tight pants have actually been documented as far back as 1993. Internist Dr. Octavio Bessa coined the term “tight-pants syndromein a journal after finding several men who came to him with abdominal discomfort. Bessa compared the size of their pants vs. abdominal girth, and found discrepancies: men were wearing pants way too restrictive to their girth.

A more recently example was published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, documenting a 35-year-old woman whose legs went numb while rocking skinny jeans.

“Her legs and ankles had become so swollen that emergency room staff had to cut her jeans off. Her ankles and toes were weak, but the rest of her legs, including her knees and hips, were working normally,” the report stated.

Skinny jeans are fashionable with both men and women right now, but you may want to opt for a looser fit, valuing comfort over showing off your figure.

High Heels

high-heelsMany foot doctors say that the higher the heel on your shoe, the more pressure you’re putting onto the balls of your feet, which undoubtedly causes pain and discomfort.

High heels can be more damaging than just foot pain however. A 2014 study found that high-heeled shoes can shift the natural position of both the foot and ankle, which can eventually move its way up to the spine.

Reducing your time on heels can help avoid any back problems, plus prevents any other potential ankle injuries, like pressure on your feet or accidental slips.

Body Piercings

A Northwestern University study found that body piercings are affected by bacterial infections roughly 20% of the time. The report also stated they can impede medical procedures, and can even ignite allergic reactions.

Think twice about any body piercings, but if you’re hell-bent on body mods, make sure you keep the piercings clean, and that they’re done with the proper equipment. No thumb tacks please.


If you’re a member of the Kardashian clan, you may be familiar with their concept on corsets. They use them to ‘train their waists’, basically using corsets as a vice to squeeze your weight into submission.

There’s no evidence this works however, unless you believe the medical advice of the reality TV stars. Not only does it do nothing to affect your figure, but they can be painful, make it difficult to breathe, and could even cause rib damage.

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