How Can You Tell If a Nursing Home is Safe?

How Can You Tell If a Nursing Home is Safe?

Is it the best move for them? Are you giving up? Will they be well-cared for? The worries can multiply.

Placing your loved one in a nursing facility when you can no longer care for them at home can be a very difficult choice to make.

Usually when you’ve come to this point though, you’re making the right move. The transition can take time to get used to. My own family sadly placed our mother in a facility when her Lewy Bodies grew to be something we could no longer care for adequately on our own. She’s now been in her nursing home for an astounding 15 years. We lucked out and found a good one.

What should you look for, when searching? In assessing new living quarters for your loved one, it can be hard to tell conclusively if a facility is a great place or not, but some red flags can come up.

Questions and Chaos

Experts say if staff is routinely unable to answer your questions regarding care, meals or other daily events at the home, it could be a bad sign. This seems like common sense. You’re going to be dealing with these people for a while, and you want to have clear communication.

Not everyone will know the answer to your question every time, but if you feel that you’re being continually deflected, consider looking around. Things like, “I see some bruising on her legs- do you know what could be causing it?” should be dealt with promptly, and a reasonable answer given to you.

Another thing to look for is organized and team-oriented staff. Is it apparent? It can feel like a busy scene in a nursing home but if it gets too chaotic, it’s a bad sign. It isn’t possible to put residents’ needs first, if communication and scheduling is breaking down among staff.

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Asking about recent improvements to the home can also give you an indication of whether or not the facility is thriving or just trying to stay afloat. High-staff turnover is also something to be wary of. In order for residents to get the best care possible, staff need to be assigned consistently, over the long-term, to work with them.

Ask your doctor, family and friends if they know of places with good reputations that you might wish to look at. And always check to see a facility has a good record online, or if abuse has been reported in the past.

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