Be Careful in the Afternoon: Workplace Accidents Are Worse After Lunch, Study Says

Be Careful in the Afternoon: Workplace Accidents Are Worse After Lunch, Study Says

Researchers in Spain have labeled it the “lunch effect”. It might sound like an elaborate excuse to continue having long siestas in the afternoon, but get this.

Statistics have shown that if a person is involved in an accident that occurs at work, it’s much more likely to be fatal if it happens between 1 and 5 pm.

Apparently these hours account for 18.2% of all accidents and 29.4% of fatalities.

More accidents do happen in the morning hours, but they’re actually less likely to kill you.

So, what’s the cause? Is there something in the soup?

There doesn’t seem to be one specific factor across the board resulting in these hours being so deadly. Researchers from the University of Burgos studied accidents suffered by construction workers in Spain from 1990 to 2002, and found many possible causes.

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In the construction industry, there can be heavy drinking, and some workers reported thinking that this affects some people’s clarity after lunch.

Some individuals are also consuming drugs, something that could be done during a longer break.

Finally, workers seemed to think that, for some reason, people tend to rush after lunch, and when work is done in haste, safety can be overlooked, and the consequences can be dire.

So, should you skip lunch altogether, and play it safe? It probably isn’t a good idea to go hungry.

Make sure you fuel up in the right way. Take extra precautions to slow down and get things done right the first time around though, and you could save your life.

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