Australian Teen Has His Legs Munched on by Sea Fleas in a Freak Occurrence

Australian Teen Has His Legs Munched on by Sea Fleas in a Freak Occurrence

Tiny parasites attacked this boy’s legs and experts haven’t ever seen anything like it before.

If you didn’t catch the story before, here it is. An Australian teen soaked his legs in the ocean recently after playing a game of football in order to soothe his muscles and cool down, only to have his ankles brutally attacked by something distinctly gross.

Photos of Sam Kanizay’s bloody legs went viral online as people tried to figure out what had gone on. Scientists were stumped. They admitted they’d never really seen something like it before.

Sam says he soaked his legs in Dendy Street Beach in Brighton, and when he stepped out of the water, his ankles wouldn’t stop bleeding, which seems to be true, looking at the pictures.

Following this, Sam says he went home, and then to the hospital when it became apparent that things weren’t about to fix themselves.

Why was he bleeding profusely? It turns out that the Melbourne teen could have inadvertently stepped into a feeding group of sea lice, or sea fleas some say. Usually sea lice leave a rash of pinpricks on humans and not a gush of ghastly blood, but it seems that this is some kind of freak occurrence, and not something that’s likely to happen every day.

Experts say that there may have been dead fish in the area that the tiny beings were feeding on. Sam may have not realized this, and stepped into the water anyways. Bad decision. Sam is currently being treated at a hospital in Melbourne and will hopefully soon recover.

Photo credits: JTeivans/Bigstock

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