This Diet Craze Creates a Personalized Food Plan According to Your DNA

This Diet Craze Creates a Personalized Food Plan According to Your DNA

You can now adjust your meals to fit your specific genetic make-up, and have them delivered to your door.

Diets come and go. If you ask people to list examples of unhealthy foods and healthy ones, most of us will put chocolate caramel bars and KFC in the first category, and kale chips with sesame seed sprinkles in the latter.

But while fried and sugary foods will most always be considered “extras”, some experts are arguing that what’s important for one person to eat to stay healthy, shouldn’t be on the shopping list for others.

In essence, ‘clean eating’ isn’t the same for everyone. The minds behind companies like Habit are explaining it, saying it all comes down to our DNA and our chosen lifestyle.

People have evolved to be short or tall, have slow or fast metabolisms and to harbor all sorts of other biological differences, the company explains. Because of this, we should all be eating differently, as well.

Addressing this belief, Habit analyzes 60 biomarkers taken from you via an at-home health kit, and it uses the information to formulate “optimized meal plans” delivered right to your front door.

Do you need that kind of service to stay healthy? Probably not. But many of us would love the peace of mind and feelings of wellness that eating food tailored to you and you only, might bring.

Campbell’s Soup felt confident enough in the whole idea to invest $32 million in it. And so Habit must be onto something, at least when it comes to marketing.

Should you have that ranch dressing with your carrots? Let your DNA dictate the answer.

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