3 Questions to Ask For the Safest Halloween Costume Possible

3 Questions to Ask For the Safest Halloween Costume Possible

Consider what fibers are in the costume, how visible it is and how well your child can see.

Halloween can be a great night of fun for all ages. But while the celebrations are running high, and your kids are all over the neighborhood, you still want to make sure your young ones are as safe as possible.

Masks that make it hard to see in the dark have long been known to pose a problem on this ghoulish night. What are the best options out there for kids? Here’s a list of things to consider when buying or making a costume:

1) Is It Flammable?

The minds behind the Sun online recently decided to test the flammability of common Halloween costumes for kids, now on the market.

It’s not like you’re going to dress your kid in steel-unless maybe, they’re going as a knight- but going for something made of wool or silk could give them a few extra seconds to stop-drop-and-roll should they ever come near an open flame and catch fire.

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Both wool and silk burn more slowly than other natural fibers, and don’t rage as quickly as things made of plastic.

It’s unlikely that your child will come in contact with any fire. The less flammable, the better, though.

2) Do I Need a Mask?

Many costumes in the stores these days come without a mask. If you can use make-up in place of one, you’re ensuring that your child can see properly when they’re walking down the sidewalk and up unfamiliar steps.

3) How Bright Is It?

An all-black witch costume could look amazing before you step out the door, but it’s not so great when you or your child is walking down that unlit path at 8:30 pm. If your child does choose a dark costume, put some reflective tape in strategic places on all sides, to increase their visibility.

Photo credits: Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock.com

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