This Amazing Gift Could Lead the Way in Developing Cures for Mental Health

This Amazing Gift Could Lead the Way in Developing Cures for Mental Health

Millions have been donated to bettering mental health in Canada, in a giant act of kindness.

It’s one thing to donate your hard-earned money to a charitable cause. And it’s quite another to go forth and give millions, if you have them. But how about tens of millions?

An anonymous donor has given $100 million CAN to the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) based in Toronto. It marks the largest donation ever made towards mental health research in Canada and is has left the foundation smiling in shock.

“We are eternally grateful to this donor for investing $100 million in our capacity to generate world-leading discovery, and to invest in some of the high-risk, high-reward research that usually doesn’t get top funding priority,” said Darrell Louise Gregersen, head of the CAMH Foundation to

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Exactly how will the money be used? A spokesperson from CAMH says it will go towards funding research to develop cures for psychiatric conditions. It will also fund work that tries to understand how certain diseases work, and how experts can prevent and treat them.

Large, or mega-donations can make a big difference, and they aren’t unheard of. outlines various large donations made back in 2016, such as that of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg who gave $360 million to a variety of organizations in support of global anti-tobacco efforts.

Several mega-gifts of hundreds of millions of dollars were given worldwide that year, in the name of bettering science and education.

Thinking of giving? Here are some tips, to ensure your money is used as you’d wish.

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