Should You Ignore Cancer Warnings About Coffee or Is There Reason for Concern?

Should You Ignore Cancer Warnings About Coffee or Is There Reason for Concern?

After the ruling that will bring cancer warning labels to their cup of joe, coffee-lovers are left wondering if there’s any basis for the claims.

In Californian coffee shops, patrons will be getting a shot of bitter news with their order: your caffeine fix might give you cancer. Naturally, this type of news doesn’t go down smoothly as a foamy latte, but before you forego your favorite morning drink (or come to terms you’ll die for your taste in refreshment), here are the facts about the new cancer warning labels for coffee.

The real reason why this label is happening is because of a lawsuit that the nonprofit Council for Education and Research on Toxics first filed eight years ago. The foundation of their suit is a study that found that acrylamide, a compound that’s present in roasted coffee, caused cancer in mice. Of course, what they’ve failed to highlight is that a) it’s mice, not humans, and b) it’s based on being exposed to enormous amounts of the chemical. Additionaly, the problematic compound is not something found in coffee exclusively: it’s present in potatoes, bread and cookies, breakfast cereal, canned black olives and prune juice. While there’s no disputing the results of the study, presenting its findings as a definitive proof that drinking coffee leads to cancer in humans, is, to say the least, debatable.

Fortunately for the java fanatics, even cancer researchers agree that the problem has been inflated and that there’s no reason to think that coffee causes cancer. In fact, there are various studies, done on humans and not mice, that seem to indicate the opposite: drinking coffee has the potential to benefit your health.

So, if you can’t imagine your day without a cup of joe, don’t worry. There’s no definitive proof that sipping on your favorite energy-boosting beverage will lead to cancer!

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