5 Pressure Points To Make For Sensual Foreplay and Better Sex

5 Pressure Points To Make For Sensual Foreplay and Better Sex

Tense after a hard day? Looking to relax in all possible ways while you warm up in bed?

Focusing on pressure points can do the trick. By massaging and stimulating certain pressure points during foreplay, you may lead your partner into an increased state of arousal, resulting in a more satisfying sexual experience for you both.

Most of us know what areas arouse sexual interest. Add the following steps to your repertoire and see what happens!

1) Rushing the Door



This spot is found in the crease on the tendons where the legs join the abdomen near the hipbone. This area can be highly sensitive and ticklish, so go in gradually. During foreplay, lean on the tendons slowly with the heel of your hand, for about up to a minute to open sexual desire.

2) Bubbling Spring



Located on the balls of the feet, about 2/3 of the distance from the heel to the ball of the foot, this point is reported to be deep in the flesh of the foot. Press firmly to treat fatigue and massage the area during foreplay.

3) The Mons



This is the area above the genitals, where the pubic hair grows. Caressing here can be quite pleasurable-womansday.com recommends using Zestra, a botanical oil designed to increase arousal and sensitivity in the area.

4) The Knees



The knees- behind and on top- tend to be a forgotten sensual area. Light touch or gentle massaging can get things going.

5) The Scalp



There are so many nerve endings on top of our heads that massaging here releases a lot of tension and also dopamine and serotonin, feel-good hormones that are a great place to start.





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