5 Best Ways to Treat Dry Feet

5 Best Ways to Treat Dry Feet

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize…

Dry skin can be a pain in more than just one way. When the moisture in your epidermis wanes, it can cause an annoying itchiness. This can also go so far as to cause your skin to crack and bleed leaving painful sores that need time to heal. 

Dry, cracked fingertips can be common in winter when the colder weather hits. The whipping wind can quickly draw moisture from exposed hands and the dryer indoor environments can also exacerbate this situation. In summer, it’s dry feet you may have to worry about. All that time spent in sandals outside can cause rough patches to build up around your heels, and along the edges of your big toe and elsewhere. 

You can go around with calloused feet if you wish, or you can try these tips to return a supple glow to those tender tootsies. 


Nothing lightens your load like a bit of foot lotion. Look for lotion from reputable brand names with good reviews, and apply it often. Lotion made specifically for your feet can be best but any body lotion can help and work wonders over time. You won’t return your feet to their protected winter state overnight but if you apply foot lotion daily, you can start to see the difference. 

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Apply lotion and wear socks at night

This one really makes a big difference. To maximize the effects of your foot lotion, lock it in at night by wearing socks to sleep. If you live where it’s hot and you don’t have AC, this might feel uncomfortable. If you can manage to sleep with socks on, however, you can potentially see your dry feet transform in about a week. Clean your feet before bedtime and apply a thick dose of lotion liberally. Slip an absorbent pair of socks over top and keep these on all night. Do this every night as an evening ritual and feel the difference. 

Wearing socks during day, not sandals

 Another great way to combat dry feet in summer is to commit to wearing running shoes and not sandals. This protects your skin and forces you to wear socks, helping to prevent your skin from drying out. You can even moisturize under your socks during the day this way, too. 

Avoid heavy exfoliants and scrubs

It’s true, heavy exfoliants and foot scrubs can peel away your dry skin. But they can also make things rough again, when they grow back in, in the future. Foot scrubbers work for the moment but they don’t necessarily promote long-term supple feet. If you need a quick fix for your dry feet, exfoliating and scrubbing can work. Your best bet in this department, however, for the long term is simple moisturizing. 

Avoid soaps with lots of chemicals

Finally, unless you find yourself walking through a foul-smelling swamp each day, you don’t really need to douse your feet in tonnes of soap. Chemicals in many modern soaps can dry your skin out even further. Rinsing clean with water and letting your shampoo do the cleaning as it trickles down from your hair will give most people a good-enough clean. 

Keep your feet soft and serene this summer by treating them like a queen! Your skin will thank you. 

photo credits: Ekaterina Vunder/Shutterstock.com

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