4 Amazing Survival Miracles of 2017

4 Amazing Survival Miracles of 2017

From comas to crocodiles and cancer, humans can survive some of the deadliest trials.

Getting through the day without a coffee is a miracle for most of us. For others, life brings much greater challenges.  Humans are astonishing.

Here are four amazing stories of survival to make you believe you can do anything:

1) Woman in a Coma Gives Birth…and Wakes Up


This story of a woman who gave birth in a coma and later woke to meet her baby is inspiring, to say the least.

Amelia Bannan is a police officer from Argentina who was in a car accident when she was 6 months pregnant.

The disaster caused a fracture in her skull and a blood clot in her brain that sent her tragically into a coma for many months.

All might have seemed lost, but Amelia’s family never gave up hope. They visited her regularly, and even assisted in the birth of her healthy baby boy on Christmas Eve, speaking with her and holding her while she lay unresponsive.


And then one day, it happened. She woke up. According to reports, her brother will never forget that moment.

“That day we heard there in the silence, while we were giving Santino the bottle, we heard a low voice, we heard ‘yes’, ‘yes’,” he recalled, in an article with the New York Post.

“To corroborate if she was listening to me, I told her, ‘Amelia, if you understand me, stick out your tongue.’ And she stuck out her tongue.”

Amelia could only say a few words at first but is learning more and more and doctors feel she could soon be walking again, something they once thought impossible.

2) Boy is Bitten by Deadly Spider in Australia


Scared of spiders? You’ll want to look elsewhere. A 10-year old boy from Australia set the record for ingesting the most vials of anti-venom last year. Matthew Mitchell downed 12 vials of the stuff and survived after being bitten on the finger by a deadly funnel web spider, while cleaning a shed out with his dad.

It’s a miracle that Matthew’s around to tell the tale. Funnel spiders are ghoulish arachnids that go straight for the nervous system and can kill you. They can also cause foaming at the mouth, (lovely) and muscle spasms.

Thankfully, Matthew’s parents were on the ball and got him to the hospital as quickly as they could.

3) Man With Cancer Fixes the Church and Himself


Whether you’re religious or not, this story will warm your heart. Greg Thomas was suffering from on-going pain in his head, ears, neck and jaw for a year and needed some help.

He finally went to visit the doctor, only to learn the bad news: he had inoperable head and neck cancer. The doctors actually told his family to start planning his funeral.

But in a last act of hope, according to this story, Greg then decided that he would give some of his talents to God before leaving the earth. His church was run down and falling apart, and he decided to fix it up.

His one condition was that the church association give him a key to the building so that he could go inside and pray whenever he wished.


They decided it was a deal and Greg got to work. And miraculously, so did his body.

As time went on and the church gained new paint, renewed floorboards and fresh windows,

Greg’s cancer wonderfully began to shrink. His doctor couldn’t believe it was happening.

It was a slow process as rounds and rounds of chemo kept him from his best, but he trudged forwards.

What was the result? A fully renovated church and a new Greg. With his tumor now gone, he plans to continuously take care of his place of worship, and the community is loving it. And so are his family and friends.

4) Man Survives Deadly Crocodile Attack


No list of miracles is complete without a story of surviving a crocodile attack. ABC13.com tells of how Jonathon Schoeneman survived hooking up with a hungry crocodile in Cancun, last September.

Jonathon was spearfishing in mangroves, and was swimming back to his boat when the immense reptile made its attack. It grabbed him by the head and tried to drown him.

The victim lost 7 pints of blood and contracted a severe staph infection but, amazingly, lived to tell the tale.

If these stories aren’t quite enough to inspire you to feel invincible, check the news of this ultra-marathoning woman who is running 40 marathons in 40 days.

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