3 Unexpected Benefits of Eating Bananas

3 Unexpected Benefits of Eating Bananas

This fruit is great for your stomach, as well as your emotions and patterns of rest.

You know they’re high in fiber and taste, but bananas are a lot more than just monkey fruit. Looking for a healthy snack that can fill you up and do so much more?

Check out these 3 unexpected things bananas can do for you:

1) Protect You Against Ulcers

Bananas are so soft they can actually defend your stomach from excess acid. When you eat this fruit, it creates a protective layer in your stomach that can help to ward off the bad effects of having too much hydrochloric acid moving around in there.

The result? You may have a reduced chance of developing an ulcer and you could actually help get rid of an existing one.

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2) Improve Your Mood

Bananas contain a good amount of tryptophan, which is good news. This is a chemical that converts into the famous ‘fee good’ hormone, serotonin, when it enters your blood stream. Feeling down and out or just plain stressed? Reach for some yellow and feel yourself mellow.

3) Help You Sleep Better

Not only is tryptophan great at making you feel good, it’s also an aid in helping you sleep. According to experts, it’s a precursor to the release of melatonin in your system.

Melatonin is that much-needed hormone released by your pineal gland that tells your mind and body it’s time to hit the sheets. Find yourself suffering from late nights that won’t let your brain turn off? Eat a banana with a glass of milk- it could be the trick.

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