3 Surprising Health Benefits of Walnut Oil

3 Surprising Health Benefits of Walnut Oil

Walnuts are best known as brain food thanks to its internal structure; they’re filled with good-for-your-brain vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, protein, antioxidants and vitamin A.

While the nut originates from Central Asia and the Mediterranean region, the oil extracted from the walnuts is done commercially in U.S., India, China and Iran, among other countries.

Walnut oil comes in two forms – cold-pressed or refined. The former, which comes at a high cost, is packed with all the original nutrients you’d find in the walnut fruit, polyphenols and all. The cold-pressed version lacks many of these nutrients, and is used more for ornamental purposes. There’s a lot more research done on walnuts than the oil, but we do know walnut oil affords these benefits at least.

Lower cholesterol


While more research is sorely needed, walnuts do contain antioxidant compounds, which confers to both the cold pressed and refined walnut oils.

This is suggested in one study, in which 60 adults who took a capsule of 3 grams of walnut oil for 45 days found their triglycerides levels had lowered.

Reduces psoriasis

Walnut oil can soothe rashes and/or itchy skin that are a result of internal inflammation when applied directly on the area of irritation. Walnut oil can even be added to your bathwater for the same, soothing effect.

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Cure inflammation

Asthma, eczema and arthritis are all inflammatory diseases that can be mildly treated with walnut oil application. The fiber content in walnuts is key, as it prevents inflammation and discomfort in the digestive tract.

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