12 Amazing Workout Apps to Get You…Workin’

12 Amazing Workout Apps to Get You…Workin’

by Victoria Simpson

Some people make their resolutions in January. But September has always felt more like the start of a new year, what with a new school year starting, the summer sun dwindling for those of us living with four seasons, and the general rush to get as much done as possible before the winter holidays without going crazy, settling in.

So why not take the time in fall to make some new commitments?

The promise to get more exercise is a traditional great. As always- in modern times-it can be helpful to let your phone help you. (If you were stranded in a Siberian wasteland with a starving white tiger nipping at your Nikes, your phone could probably be programmed to produce some tiger-sized Whiskas-it can do it.)

Here are twelve top-rated workout apps to boost that 25 minutes of jogging and a few sit-ups into something more organized. It’s time to turn you into the buffest-of-the-buff on the block and to get the money put into your monthly phone contract working for you.

1) Six Pack Abs



This app is for your stomach. It includes around 20 core-strengthening exercises, with examples on how to do them so you don’t injure yourself, and it offers music playlists with different varieties of music for varying intensities of workouts. You have the option to choose “Connect to MyFitnessPal”, and have your workouts automatically submitted to MyFitnessPal.com. You can also always upgrade to the full version of Six Pack Abs and gain access to more than 50 abs exercises, six pre-installed workouts such as Insane Abs and Six Pack Junkie, and the ability to create your own custom workouts. Bring it on.

2) Johnson and Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout App



This app isn’t just about your abs but about getting fit in 7 minutes-who doesn’t have the time for that? Heads up: wall, floor or chair needed. The app includes 36 exercises, 13 pre-designed workouts, and a custom workout feature to help you design your own workout. The choice is up to you: the length of your rest intervals, the number of times you want to run through a certain circuit, and what music to add in from your personal music library.

3) Strength Calc



Have a hankering for body-building? Always wanted to be a Schwarzenegger type? Track you strength progression with this app that lets you choose from several topics for bodybuilding including powerlifting, powerbuilding and diets that help you build.

4) MapMyFitness



This app has a lot of choice- 600 exercises, and the ability to design an interactive route for an outdoor workout using your smartphone’s GPS system. Never get lost on that 8k again! Sync with other fitness accessories like Fitbit and Nike+, and share your statistics on time, distance and calories burned with the MapMyFitness groups on Facebook and Twitter.

5) Zombies, Run! 5k Trainer



Save humanity from the bloody horrors! This app gets you interval training while locking you into a zombie story to save the world over the course of eight weeks. Perfect for a lead-up into Hallowe’en.

6) Gym PocketGuide



A bonus with this app is that if you can’t connect to WiFi while you work out, you needn’t pull your hair out. It comes with a workout library filled with exercise descriptions, images and instructional videos. Select a program for your needs, whether it be to bulk up, lose fat, or build muscle and work with the day-to-day weight-training schedule provided.

7) Hot5 Fitness



This is another app that requires no WiFi to access all of the features. Follow top trainers for all aspects of the fitness industry by doing workouts involving abs, yoga, core strengthening, or flexibility at every level of difficulty. Lots to work with!

8) Pact



This app uses money to motivate you. Formerly known as GymPact, it has users pledge a certain number of days they plan to workout in a week, and an amount of money to go with it. Users must pay a penalty for each day they miss, but they get paid every time they complete a workout. Pay up!

9) Carrot Fit



If you’re the type who needs things lemon-coated instead of sugar-coated in order to take anything seriously, this might be the approach for you. This app comes across as a sarcastic drill sergeant that nags and criticizes you until you lose the weight you want to. Drop a pound to learn a new workout tip-you good-for-nothing lazy ass.

10) Human



For those seeking a more holistic approach, this is it. Human is an app that encourages users to be active for at least 30 minutes a day, in whatever way they see fit. The app will track your movement and let you know when you’ve met your daily goal. Simple as that.

11) Workout Trainer



Workout Trainer has thousands of free workouts complete with timed step-by-step audio and video instructions to help you get in shape. A wide variety with lots to choose from, covering all types of movement and levels of difficulty.

12) Pocket Yoga



You can now stop going to the studio down the street and simply be a yoga hermit hiding and stretching it out in your own living room. No one’s going to judge your stained t-shirt from high school now, and the fact that you aren’t head-to-toe in Lululemon. Follow stretches with voice instructions and enjoy video with tips. Three levels of difficulty are available and the ability to log and track your progress.












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