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About Vascular Surgeons / Phlebologists

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A Phlebologist is a medical specialty that encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases and disorders that involve the arteries and veins. A phlebologist may have medial background in other specialties such as dermatology, vascular surgery, hematology or family medicine.

Some of the conditions that are commonly treated by a Phlebologist or Vascular doctor include venous stasis ulcers,varicose veins and spider veins. Other medical conditions that are managed by phlebologists include deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, aneurysm and venous malformations.

While vascular disease can affect the arteries and veins anywhere in the body and can affect people of all ages, the most common areas affected are the arteries of the heart, brain and legs.  Blockages in the arteries, abnormalities in the vain walls and hardened arteries can interrupt circulation and blood flow through the body resulting in insufficient blood and oxygen supply to organs and tissue and lead to organ and tissue damage, stroke, amputation and even death.

Types of vascular disease include Cerebrovascular disease which involves the arteries in the brain becoming blocked by clots and could lead to strokes and damage to the brain. Another main type of vascular disease affects the legs and is called peripheral vascular disease indicated by pain in the calves and is due the leg muscles not getting enough blood.

Phlebologist may use imaging technology to identify occurrence of blockage and signs of vascular disease including the use of ultrasound and angiography.  These medical specialists can provide both medical and surgical treatments.

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