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Therapists can be included within the spectrum of the fields of psychology and psychiatry, providing treatment as a variety of professional counselors such as marriage counselors, psychotherapists, social workers and even life coaches.

Therapists are involved in assisting patients cope with personal problems. They can cover treatment as part of ‘talking therapy,’ working in a private setting to provide a safe environment for patients and clients and promote discussion and self-reflection as opposed to solely giving advice. To practice as a therapist, a specialization is not required in comparison to a psychologist, their specialization lies in encouraging patients to drive their own treatment session.

Therapists can specialize in particular fields working in individual and/or group therapy encompassing relationship guidance, addiction, sexual abuse or health.

There are many types of therapy and counselling and these sub-specializations can depend on a practitioner’s individual training and area of focus as well as their practice environment and the demographic of patients that they treat. While a psychiatrist has a degree in medicine and a psychologist has a doctoral-level degree in psychology, the title of therapist can be used informally for these specializations as well.

Treatment provided by a counselor/therapist can include creating confidential relationships with patients, encouraging patients to discuss issues and personal problems as well as referring patients to other sources of help if required.

Therapists and counsellors can work in a variety of environments including family services agencies, hospitals, school boards, correctional facilities, welfare agencies as well as private practice.

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