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About Rheumatologists

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Rheumatologists specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and therapy of rheumatic diseases and focus on conditions involving joints, connective tissues and autoimmune diseases. Rheumatic diseases are disorders that affect of the immune system. Along with affecting the health and function of the joints, muscles, bones; rheumatic disorders can also affect organs including the kidneys, lungs and brain.

A rheumatologist analyzes patient records, tests and examinations to assess those suffering from rheumatic diseases involving physical aspects such as joint dysfunction as well as mental health.

Treatments provided by a Rheumatologist can range from referral to other medical specialists and the use of orthopedic aids such as supportive splints and/or braces, use of a cane or even require corrective surgery.

Conditions also treated by Rheumatologists include rheumatic heart disease and other rheumatologic disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout and lupus. Some other common rheumatic disorders requiring specialist treatment from a Rheumatologist include chronic back pain as well as pain in the shoulder, wrist, biceps, leg, knee, ankle, hip, and Achilles, bursitis, tendinitis and osteoarthritis. Rheumatism is a disorder that affects the loco-motor system including joints,muscles,connective tissues,soft tissues around the joints, and bones. 

Rheumatologists may work in conjunction with related disciplines including Immunologists, Orthopedics and Pain Management doctors.

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