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About Pain Management Specialists / Physical Therapists

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A pain management doctor specializes in pain medicine and the management and treatment of pain disorders, pain symptoms and pain prevention. As pain specialists they provide focused care for patients experiencing pain as a result of disease and injury as well as post-surgery.

Upon referral from a primary care physician, a pain management specialist has the ability to treat a wide range of pain-related conditions including back and neck pain, chronic pain, migraine headaches, pain from chronic acute illnesses such as cancer and arthritis, fibromyalgia and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS.)  Pain Medicine physicians can also prescribe medications, provide counselling and rehabilitation as well as perform pain relief procedures.

Pain doctors assess a patient’s medical history, review blood tests and X-rays, as well as a complete physical examination, utilize various methods of pain relief treatment including physical therapy and physical rehabilitation. Other methods of treatment can extend to the use of meditation, acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy, surgery and injections to help patients manage pain.

Pain doctors work in a variety of environments including pain clinics, hospitals as well as private practices. Treatment for patients suffering from chronic pain conditions can often mean pain doctors work in tandem with other specialists who can provide further therapy including Physiatrists, Physiotherapists, Neurologists, Anesthesiologists and Family Medicine doctors. 

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