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About Oncologists / Hematologists

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An oncologist specializes in treating people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Oncologists work together with other oncologists and other medical specialists within the branch of medicine related to the type of cancer the patient has been diagnosed with.

Oncologists are responsible for the care of cancer patients from the diagnosis through to the development and recession of the disease.  They provide everything from information regarding the type of cancer, the stage of the disease and status/location of the body. Often a team of oncologists who specialize in several different areas of oncology are used in cancer treatment due to the multifaceted methods used from surgery to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Many other specialist doctors are involved in cancer care including Pathologist, Diagnostic Radiologist and Nurse Practitioners.

Within the practice of Oncology there are the branches of medical oncology, surgical oncology, and radiation oncology. A medical oncologist provides cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and/or medications. Surgical oncologists specialize in the removal of tumors, tissue and performing surgical biopsies. A radiation oncologist treats cancer using radiation therapy.  Other main types of oncologists include pediatric oncologist and gynecologic oncologist.

Hematologists are focused on the diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the blood which includes leukemia, lymphomas, and myelomas. Hematologists specialize in the study of blood and blood diseases.

Oncologists perform a wide number of treatments to cancer patients including chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, diet advice, oral medication, Anticoagulation therapy, Intramuscular injections, Blood transfusion, venesection or therapeutic phlebotomy, Bone marrow transplant.

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