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About Geneticists

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A Geneticist is a medical specialist who focuses on the function of genes and how traits and conditions are passed down through genetics as well as how genetic variants relate to health and disease.  Geneticists undergo extensive qualifications and training in a number of areas that include biology, chemistry, physics, microbiology, cell biology and bioinformatics. Geneticists can branch off into a variety of pathways within the field of genetics including gene therapy, paternity testing and forensic DNA to name a few.

Geneticists identify gene mutations that could indicate inheritance of congenital disease and hereditary conditions as well as treating and managing both patients that have already been diagnosed and those who are at risk.  Geneticists conduct research and perform various genetic risk calculations and gene mutation analysis along with collaborating with other medical specialists to pinpoint genetic markers and instances of gene inheritance that could lead to disease or health complications.

Encompassed within the expertise in gene inheritance, Geneticists through their research are able to assess the origin, transmission and development of inherited traits as well as analyze hair and eye color and disease resistance.

Genetic diseases can include cancer, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, Parkinson’s disease, Down syndrome, anemia, depression and allergies.

Sub-specialties within the field of genetics include molecular genetics, quantitative genetics, bio-medical genetics and developmental genetics. Geneticist’s frequently work in conjunction with and upon referral from other medical disciplines including Family Doctors/General Physicians, Pathologists, Oncologists as well as Pediatricians.

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