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About Ear Nose and Throat Doctors (ENT)

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Otolaryngologists, commonly referred to as ENT doctors, can provide diagnosis, management as well as both medical and surgical treatment for the ear, nasal cavity, mouth, larynx, throat and structures comprising the head/neck.

They can perform both cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery on facial trauma as result of accident or injury as well as treating smell disorders, polyps, nasal obstruction (deviated septum), diseases of the throat, voice and swallowing disorders and conditions affecting sensory functions.

Some of the main conditions that Otolaryngologists treat include infections and allergies that affect the ear, nose, and throat such as hay fever, rhinitis, chronic sinusitis and laryngitis.  Disorders affecting the ears specifically include hearing loss, ear infections, balance disorders and tinnitus.  

Areas of further focus and sub-specialties within the practice of otolaryngology include Laryngology, the study of disorders of the throat, including swallowing problems and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD.) Otology focuses ondisorders affecting the ear, hearing and balance such as ear infection and tinnitus. Rhinology is the treatment of disorders of the nose and sinuses including nose bleed and loss of smell.

Otolaryngologists are generally referred to by Family Doctors and can work in a variety of environment including private practice, community clinics and hospitals.  They often work in conjunction with other medical specialists including Allergists/Immunologists, Oncologists, Internists, Oral Surgeons and Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeons to name a few.

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