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About Colorectal Surgeons / Proctologists

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Colorectal Surgeons, also referred to as Proctologists, specialize in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of conditions that affect the lower digestive tract involving the colon, rectum, and anus.

Colorectal surgeons provide care before, during and after surgery for colorectal disorders, performing screening and diagnostic tests to detect and diagnosis conditions affecting the digestive tract that can include ultrasound, colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy.

Some of the conditions that are treated by colorectal surgeons include Colorectal cancer (colon cancer, rectal cancer, anal cancer), colorectal polyps, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD,) Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS,) bowel incontinence, severe constipation, fissures, fistulas and rectal prolapse.

Colorectal surgeons work in a number of environments including in hospitals or surgical centers. Surgical procedures performed by Colorectal Surgeons can include laparoscopic colorectal surgery such as colon resection, colectomy and polypectomy.

Colorectal surgeons/Proctologists work in conjunction with other specialists when combined treatment is needed as in the case of working with Gastroenterologists in regards to diseases also affecting the gastrointestinal tract.  They can also treat alongside Urologists, Oncologists, Anesthesiologists and Gynecologists to provide holistic treatment from symptoms to diagnosis to treatment plans and/or surgery.

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