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unbelievably unsympathetic,blatantly uncaring, ignorant to real facts, very judgmental and one-sided, unable to provide complete, untampered, accurate testing MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH DAWN NULF What even happened and how were you just like…. "O sorry I mixed that vial up, that wasn't your sons" OR “somehow it got contaminated” something, you said nothing and continued with your inaccurate results to rule something that will always be public record but more importantly on my mind. I didn’t even get an I'm sorry for accusing you or your family of such an ungodly, evil act, on your own child. Like really? and you run this Department. How many other people has this happened to? These are the most serious cases there are in this whole world, it’s your who knows how many rulings but it’s their last and so very important to so many. I know there are limited resources up there and if you don't have the correct equipment to produce an accurate, gold-standard test result.Why even do it? Wait for it, why wouldn't you? To ensure its correct and done properly. why rush it and file state documents? Knowing accurate testing was being done at an accredited, qualified labs, not one but two actually and being compiled by a doctor certified in that field, which is not yours. Why would you determine such an important diagnosis, final diagnosis without having the completed examination report and all testing samples and specimens? I do understand your the Medical Examiner in this county., being M.E. is an appointed position in Michigan and it doesn't require any special training or education from my research. Question, do you have one credit towards certification or specializing in any other field besides emergency medicine? From my research, that's a no. The position you hold has the ability to hurt someone so deeply and you aren't even compassionate or act like you care that the investigation, testing and reviews are fully completed and accurate before any decisions are made and reported. Being a medical doctor you must act in accordance with State of Michigan Protocol as well as guidelines, and Michigan Criminal Law rules and regulations.Not only is the one test you performed inaccurate, you didn’t even contact me regarding this. I am his Mother, I should have been the first to know Ma’am. There are so many things that are wrong, incomplete and straight prejudice regarding this matter. I sure hope by the end of this we can come to an agreement using 100% factual,legal and proven evidence. After that I will make sure this horrendous situation never happens to another Bereaved Parent. You have no idea the negative impact you have had on me and my family during the hardest thing I could possibly ever be forced to deal with. p.s. The rest of the staff were kind and helpful, she must have just broke me the news that he was gone and went on lunch because i don't recall ever seeing her again.

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flag | Submitted September 16, 2017

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