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My wife has been suffering with Fibromyalgia for 19 years. She has become increasingly tired of the myriad of meds (and the accompanying side effects) she has been prescribed to manage her daily pain. Though she has completely changed her lifestyle (diet and fitness programming), she still suffers and has lost hope in doctors and in herself. Fearing the worst and wanting to help, I begged her to let me assist her in finding someone new and closer our home. My research led me to Abdollah Shams-Pirzadeh. His years of experience and St. Agnes hospital affiliation (we love St. Agnes) led me to believe that he would be able to provide her with new perspective and a new plan of action. I called his office last week and spoke directly with his assistant, Sarah, who was extremely encouraging. We scheduled an appointment for my wife for February. At some point before I was able to conclude the call with Sarah, my wife became skeptical (downright psychic really) and asked me to cancel the appointment. When I tried to do so, Sarah talked us out of it and spoke very highly of Dr. Shams' experience and empathy toward those who suffer from Fibromyalgia. Sarah was quite skilled at re-assuring my wife that Dr. Shams would be helpful. My wife became so hopeful that she asked Sarah to squeeze her into an earlier appointment if possible; Dr. Shams' office accommodated this request and my wife saw him today. I wish she hadn't. I want to confess that I am writing this review out of immense guilt for sending my wife into this horrid situation. I am also writing this for others out there who suffer from this terrible, painful condition, to keep them from wasting their time with Dr. Shams. My wife was open and quite vulnerable walking into that office today. Dr. Shams told my beautiful loving wife, who is riddled with pain and has to force herself out of bed each day, to take less of her existing meds. He then prescribed her an anti-depressant which is the typical, redundant action for those like Dr. Shams who are completely incompetent and unqualified to manage this condition, though it is listed as one of his areas of expertise. He told my wife to ignore her pain, cope with it, and not to get upset about it. He behaved as if Fibromyalgia is a mind over matter situation and continued to invalidate her telling her that amputees complain of pain far less that those with Fibromyalgia. After dismissing her pain and the condition as a whole, he then offered to give her a lidocaine trigger point injection. Of course, she declined. As a side about Sarah: her kindness was a "sham". It appears that one of Sarah's daily responsibilities is to score office visits by saying exactly what we need to hear to ensure they get paid by filing claims against our insurance for insufficient medical care. My wife noted to me that she overheard Sarah gushing about the number of appointments which have been booked for Dr. Shams' office this month alone. Congratulations, Sarah - you did a GREAT job this month! How do you sleep at night though? If you have Fibromyalgia, please do not lose hope, but PLEASE do not see this man. He has no empathy for those who suffer from this illness, may be a bit chauvinist and behind the times, and will only make you feel worse about yourself. No one deserves that and he should be ashamed of himself.

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flag | Submitted January 21, 2019

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