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The doctors great, but that’s the end of any quality. My daughter’s procedure was cancelled on a Friday of a holiday weekend, the nurse Olivia, claimed it was due to the previous procedure had not been paid for. We proved they were paid two weeks prior to the cancellation. Now for trying to reschedule the procedure Olivia refuses to schedule the procedure until she received a letter of approval FOR THE PROCEDURE THEY WERE PAID FOR, prior to cancelling. She has also been caught in blatant lies, and if you want to discuss the matter, Olivia will never talk to you to get the situation corrected. Olivia considers, though they have been paid for the procedure, it is going around her if she doesn’t get the letter of approval that has already taken place and been paid for. In the meantime, the patient continues to be in pain simply due to Olivia’s irrational attitude, behavior, and demands. It is as if her name appears under the definition of a person who is statistical. So, while Dr. Grose is very good at what he does, you will have extremely poor overall experience due to Olivia. Also, don’t be surprised to hear others complaining about their treatment if you are in his office; yes, we have heard it. No matter how good the doctor(s) are, I cannot recommend any of them as long as Olivia works for them. I would venture to say due to her irrational behavior, and bold face lies, their records may also be suspect. If you are unwise to use any of the doctors in the office which Olivia works with, be sure to pick up one of the pamphlets they have lying around the office which gives the information on how to make a complaint to the organization they are a member of; you will want it.

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flag | Submitted June 14, 2016

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