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My 3 month old daughter had a severe case of diarrhea, went from twice a day to five-seven times a day, so I went in to figure out what was wrong with her, if she had a fever, and if she was dehydrated. Dr. Adem acted like I was wasting her time being there by saying when she came in that I was here only because my child had some diarrhea. I told her that she had it for a week and it has gotten progressively worse, as I right this she now has it seven times a day so still getting worse, and all Dr. Adem did was listen to her heart and lungs and check her skin to make sure she wasn't dehydrated. She said everything seemed fine and told me to go get some probiotics and put it in her bottle once a day and to switch to only soy based formula. I highly doubt it's her food, because before this she has had no issues with her food and I've never changed it. Also, at daycare they told me diarrhea is going around which tells me it is some sort of viral infection. I don't even think Dr. Adem was listening to me. She just sent me on our way and said if it doesn't get better in a few days to come back in. Now that my child's diarrhea is worse and shows no signs of getting better and now she is not peeing for a couple of hours at a time, that I may have to end up taking her to the hospital for dehydration which was what I was trying to avoid from the very beginning. I have no faith in Dr. Adem and will never see her again. I do like other Doctor's at this practice so I will continue to go there, but not see Dr. Adem.

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flag | Submitted July 31, 2015

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