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Yep, Dr. Lalita Swaminathan is a disastrous physician. As a matter of fact, out of the 40 plus years that I have been dealing and interacting with doctors, "she is by far," the worst amongst them all. The patient's best interest is not the primary concern for doctor Swaminathan - her main concern is saving the VA money at the expense of the veteran's health and well being. She's extremely obstinate and her pride hinders her from listening and adhering to the patient's concerns - it is her way or no way. Her nasty attitude is very annoying, and she is the only doctor whom I have never seen "crack a smile" - in my entire life. Her bedside manners are unsatisfactory - many times, she acts as if she is "too good" to examine or even touch her patients - she rarely does it. Also, she has a problem making "eye contact with her patients, which (in my opinion) is a red flag for dishonesty and untrustworthiness. She has a really bad habit of either stopping or reducing the dosage of a patient's medications without even properly conferring with them. Often times, doctor Swaminathan appears to get very offended and talks to her patients in a very harsh and disrespectful tone when they disagree with many of her selfish recommendations. She also has a bad habit of changing the course of medical care for patients without even discussing it with them - to get their input. The Veteran's Administration (VA) should be ashamed of themselves for employing doctor Swaminathan. In the few years that I have been seeing Dr. Swaminathan (not by choice), I have not heard "one" positive comment about her from any other patient - yet, the VA continues to allow her to render unsatisfactory treatment to our veterans. I once discussed this matter with an employee who works in the director's office at the Dublin Va Medical Center, and he boasted about the number of veterans that she saw each month - that appeared to be his primary concern. She obviously could not prosper while working in the private sector, and so, she ran to the VA - where many Veterans are treated like second-class citizens and often times receive unsatisfactory medical care. I always attempt to give people the benefit of the doubt, but enough is enough! Also, doctor Swaminathan is the only doctor that I ever had to write a negative review on in my entire life.

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