This is When to Worry About Your Hernia

This is When to Worry About Your Hernia

Is it painful? Your doctor can offer the best advice on wether or not to activate a treatment option.

A hernia can hurt. The condition occurs when one of your organs pushes itself through the muscle and tissue that’s supposed to hold it in place. It sounds yucky but thousands of people suffer from one each year in the U.S., and live to tell the tale.

One of the key things to know about hernias is that they don’t go away on their own. If you discover that you have one, the only way to deal with it is to live with it, or have surgery to fix it.

A friend of mine recently found out she had an umbilical hernia caused by her pregnancy. Upon visiting with a surgeon to find out her options, she wasn’t given a firm answer about what to do.

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She could live with it and wait until it becomes too painful, she was told, and then deal with it. Or, she could have the operation now. The only glitch is, it could make things worse.

So, what’s a patient to do? The experts at the Mayo Clinic state that surgery is generally recommended to treat a hernia when it becomes painful or when it keeps growing noticeably bigger. This is for a key reason. One of the risks associated with a hernia as you age is that it can become cut off from your body’s blood supply. This can lead to gangrene, something we all want to avoid.

As with all medical concerns, talk with your doctor for the advice that best suits your personal health situation. Everyone is different, and you need treatment just for you.

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