The (Surprising) Reason Dentists Say Coffee is Bad for Your Mouth

The (Surprising) Reason Dentists Say Coffee is Bad for Your Mouth

Yummm…coffee. She’s a popular gal. But those few cups a day could be damaging your teeth.

Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee every day, a staggering amount that’s hard to really comprehend.

Coffee on its own has sparked many health debates. A little is said to be good for you but like wine, too much can spell trouble. Jitters, coffee headaches and caffeine addiction are the down side. And now dentists are in on the doomsday message as well.

The American Dental Association has coffee listed as one of their top foods (and drinks) that can cause damage to your teeth.

Why? Well, it’s obvious the dark drink can build up stains over time, but the rest comes down to what you put in your mug. According to statistics, only about a quarter of Americans take their coffee black. The rest of us can’t help but add a healthy portion of milk, cream, non-dairy creamer, sugar and things like hazelnut syrup to our brew.

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And the result isn’t pretty. Your teeth could be paying the price.

In order to avoid unwanted decay, (is any decay wanted?) professionals advise that you go easy on your additions. Drinking water after your coffee can help to rinse your mouth. Save that morning brush until your done drinking that cup or two.

Follow these simple steps, and we can all convince those dentists to put coffee back in the ‘well behaved’ chair where it belongs. Keep your mouth healthy and happy.

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