How This 10-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Had His Wish Granted to Meet Jimmy Carter

How This 10-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Had His Wish Granted to Meet Jimmy Carter

Ten-year-old Carter Beckhard-Suozzi of Glen Cove, New York, was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system, in May 2015.

He overcame the disease by undergoing five long months of chemotherapy and numerous surgeries.

When he was being treated in the hospital, officials from The Make a Wish Foundation, an organization that grants wishes to children with life threatening medical conditions, paid him a visit.

Most kids his age might wish to visit Disneyland or meet their favorite actor, but Beckhard-Suozzi felt that wasn’t for him. But he wasn’t really sure what wish he did want to make. And so he put the whole project on hold.

Months later, the inventive ten-year-old decided he’d figured it out what he wanted: it was to meet former U.S president, Jimmy Carter.


Why? Because they had three things in common, the ten-year-old said. He and the president both had the same name, they were both cancer survivors, and they both loved helping people.

On the day they met, Beckhard-Suozzi also added a fourth reason to that list: Jimmy Carter had been the 39th president of the U.S, and Beckhard-Suozzi had been co-president of his school.

According to a report on, the meeting took place at The Carter Center in Atlanta.

What happened? Both Carters shared their stories of battling cancer. Beckhard-Suozzi got to enjoy hearing the former president’s stories from his time leading the country in the White House and tales of his service work, once he left.


The two also exchanged gifts. Beckhard-Suozzi got to take a selfie with the former president and he received a signed book, signed baseballs, among other memorabilia.

For his part, Carter took home one of the ten-year-old’s bracelets emblazoned with the words: “Carter Crushed Cancer With Power, Strength, Love.”

According to reports, Beckhard-Suozzi said it was the “best wish ever”.

What’s next? According to, the former president stated, “He (Beckhard-Suozzi) is a fine young man, and we share much more than a name in common, especially our success in overcoming cancer. I know Carter will grow up to do great things.”



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