Crazy News: This Kit Allows Men to Breastfeed (We’re Not Kidding)

Crazy News: This Kit Allows Men to Breastfeed (We’re Not Kidding)

It involves a bunch of hormones, and the possibility of growing a ‘B’ cup.

Science is amazing. Just the other day, two women in a same sex partnership in Texas gave birth to a baby boy whom they both carried during pregnancy. (It was a world first).

And now, men can breastfeed.

Let’s say this: if you don’t cherish the idea of getting up every 3 hours or so during the night for up to a year, don’t read on. But if you’re a guy and feeding your child from your own body is something that sounds kind of magical, here you go.

According to an article on Britain’s Daily, there’s a hormone kit out there that allows men to breastfeed. This is how it works.

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When his partner gets pregnant, a man can take a cocktail of drugs. This will continue throughout the woman’s pregnancy and enable the man to grow milk ducts in time for the little bundle’s arrival. The active drug is Domperidone, something women take if they have trouble breastfeeding and wish to do so. This stimulates the production of prolactin, which makes the milk come in.

Is it something that will catch on? It remains to be seen. The regime won’t be available for use for another 5 to 10 years. Experts are applauding the idea as something that can inspire change. It may sound implausible, but some are comparing the change to women taking hormones via the birth control pill, which often (but not always) works.

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