Conjoined Twins Separated in Marathon Surgery

Conjoined Twins Separated in Marathon Surgery

Two 10-month-old conjoined twins, attached below the waist, were successfully separated today.

The Texas twins went into operation Tuesday morning, according to Driscoll Children’s Hospital spokesman Jeff Salzgeber.

Ximena and Scarlett Hernandez-Torres were sharing colons and bladders at the time before the procedure. Post-surgery, they’ll need to be reconstructed. The twins also have an identical triplet sister, who was born without any health complications.

The hospital staff from the South Texas center has cared for the conjoined girls since they were transferred to the Corpus Christi facility hours after birth.

Dr. Haroon Patel says a team of specialists prepared months in advance for the surgery, which lasted a total of 15 hours.

While the recovery for both twins looks promising, the girls will need additional surgeries as they get older.

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