This is How Your Brain is Younger Than Your Husband’s

This is How Your Brain is Younger Than Your Husband’s

The truth is out there: women, your brain isn’t behaving its age.

According to a recent article on, a study done by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis has found that female brains age differently than those of males.

Researchers analyzed PET scans of over 200 adults to come up with their findings. All the participants were cognitively normal.

The study employed a “machine learning” technique to guess the age of each participant, which was based on how well each brain metabolized sugar.

What was found? On average, adult female brains appeared to be a few years younger than those of men who were really the same age.

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As you grow older, your brain’s metabolism slows down and its ability to turn glucose into fuel depreciates. This makes it harder for your cognitive wheels to turn at top speeds. But until now, the differences between aging male and female brains weren’t so obvious.

“We are interested in results like those presented here, because they not only help us to understand how factors like sex contribute to different trajectories of metabolic brain health in late life, but also help us to understand the potential causes and early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease,” said Samuel Neal Lockhart, an assistant professor of gerontology and geriatric medicine at Wake Forest School of Medicine.

An early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is helpful in slowing it down. Anything that helps in its detection, is key.

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