4 Pros and Cons: TV in the Bedroom?

4 Pros and Cons: TV in the Bedroom?

Some say it’s bad for your health, but millions of Americans do it. Here’s our take on the common debate.

Watching TV: it’s so addictive, yet such a good way to do nothing when you need to. Most households have at least one TV, and research done by Nielsen shows that more than half of all homes in the U.S actually have three or more boob tubes sitting around. That’s a lot of choice!

But is having a TV plugged in, in your bedroom asking for trouble? Maybe so and maybe not. Here are a couple pros and cons to sleeping with your screen:


1) It’s Relaxing

As stated above, some people find watching TV a great way to relax after a stressful day. Especially men, who tend to be more visually oriented. (That may sound sexist but ladies, how many guys have you met who claimed to hate TV?)

OK, so unwinding in front of a screen isn’t as great for your health as doing some yoga or meditating, but sometimes chilling out is a priority. (There’s a reason for ‘Netflix and Chill’).

If your mind has been hard at it for many hours, having someone or something else do the thinking for you-at least for a while- can have its rewards.

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Watching TV in your bedroom can be a good way to bond, but make it hard to sleep.

2) It Can Promote Bonding

I know you might scoff- TV and bonding? But, yes. Think about it. Sometimes the only moments you have to sit down with your partner during the week are found in that hour or so before bedtime. This is especially true if you have young kids.

Watching a favorite show together can be the perfect way to do something simple together. Talk about what you’re watching during the commercials, or ask about your partner’s day. Together time!


3) It Can Affect Your Sleep

Having another screen in your bedroom-in addition to your phone and iPad- isn’t doing you any favors, experts say. In order to get a good night’s sleep, you need a clutter-free room that’s empty of distractions.

Having a remote control in your hand or sitting close by on the bedside table, of course, doesn’t really promote that. That TV could be keeping you from switching off your body clock at the proper time.

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4) It Encourages Bad Habits

As soon as you have a TV in your bedroom, it opens up that conversation with your kids. Or, it can, if you have them: can they have one, too?

Here’s the thing. Do you really want to be battling another screen when it comes to early bedtime with kids, and getting homework done?

Many parents are OK with it, but it can be treacherous territory. It depends on the family. By keeping your TV out of your sleeping area, you’re setting an example for your kids and promoting good sleep and study habits.

The choice is yours and there are arguments on both sides that make sense. Happy channel surfing!

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