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Dr. Goss is excellent. He cares about your issues and spends time analyzing them to determine the best course of treatment. His adjustments were gentle, not jarring, and never left me in added pain. I was afraid of going to a chiropractor after suffering extreme back pain and leg numbness/pain after a ruptured disk. He was cautious and his treatments help me regain better balance and a better sense of wellness. I feel my flexibility improved as well. I still have back pain but have since learned I need a series of epidurals. I think Dr. Goss, however, helped get me back on the road toward recovery and I will return for periodic adjustments. I paid cash and the price was reasonable, about $55 after the first consultation. He also has a very nice personality and returns phone calls. The center is also very state of the art with lots of added options. He was always punctual as well. I highly recommend Dr. Goss.

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