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I started going to Dr. Mark back in 2003 I think. My sister has a slight case of scoliosis and switched to him after a few different people's recommendations. When I had an issue she suggested that I go see him since she really liked and trusted him. Immediately you know that Dr. Mark is very caring and knowledgeable. I hate going to a doctor only to have them push meds that cover up symptoms instead of treating the actual problem. Dr. Mark isn't like that, he really listens to you and tries to figure out the source. I like that he focuses on total health, including nutrition and exercise. I moved to Orange County so I can't see him as often but whenever I need a chiropractor, he's the only one I trust. He even recommended another chiropractor closer to me so I wouldn't have to drive as far! I don't mind driving though to give Dr. Mark my business. When you find a doctor like him, you become a patient for life. Now I'm pregnant so I'll be visiting more often :-)

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